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For privacy's sake, and in an effort to maintain some degree of anonymity, I have renamed the members of my family. My abbreviations have caused a degree of confusion to both my readers and myself. In an effort to be clear I am adding a glossary of terms which will  make reading (and writing) a little less confusing. Thank you Adam for the suggestion.

The Hubris family has four human members:

S.H. (Subtle Hubris)- the author of this blog.

NSSH (Not So Subtle Hubris)- the author's husband.

SSH (Slightly Subtle Hubris)- the author's teenage daughter.

NSAAH (Not Subtle At All Hubris)- the author's teenage son.

And four non human members of note:

BSH (Big Stinky Hubris)- our Bernese Mountain Dog and this blog's mascot.

OH (Overwhelming Hubris)- the head dog in our household. She is the author's constant companion and protector. 

C1H (Cat 1 Hubris)- our older and freakier cat. She haunts our guest room/office and takes the printer paper out of the printer tray for us. 

C2H (Cat 2 Hubris)- our young, absolutely fabulous yet mysterious, rescue kitty. She seems to be in hiding from something *out there* since she avoids all outside windows at street level unless she is able to squeeze behind a convenient plant or two. C2H's story is a good one and fodder for a full length story as soon as this author finagles the secrets from her.

This blog makes reference to a couple of people who also deserve notice. 

Adam- a brilliant young blogfan.

Katie- another brilliant young blogfan, friend to Adam and sometime editor of this blog.

Since this blog is mainly about writing, or this author's attempts thereof, some unfamiliar terms are used rather frequently.

KMS- is the abbreviation for  the author's first fully completed novel. KMS has been rewritten and renamed irl but, for purposes of clarity and simplicity (plus it sounds cool) has stayed KMS here.

MS- in this blog is usually another name for KMS but in the wider world is short for manuscript.

MWA- the Mystery Writers of America..* It pains and saddens the author to admit that this contest did not bear fruit. Maybe next year.

WIP (Work in progress)- Once in a while this blog will refer to an, as yet, incomplete MS or other project (writing or otherwise) as WIP. KMS is only one of many full length works in progress but it (well, the sale of it anyway) is this author's absolute obsession at the moment.

WBW (Wanna Be Writer)- Any person who wants to be a writer someday but has never been paid for their work or published in a reputable literary magazine. Mark Twain was a writer. Emily Dickinson was a wbw but became a writer after she was published (after she was dead). Wbw has nothing to do with skill. Plenty of working writers suck and many wbws should be published but are not. It's just a way for me to talk about what I'm doing without calling myself a writer because I do not consider that an appropriate term for me. I've tried, in this blog, to use writer when describing myself but it makes me feel icky and pretentious. There it is. Call yourself whatever you wish- it's a personal distinction. 

Knitting-  is exactly what it sounds like. The act of working complicated patterns with two sharp needles is a marvelous way for this mystery writer (I'm exploring other genres for a while) to maintain focus while working on something tangible. The Hubris family and its close friends are the most common recipients of these, often eccentric, knit goods. One may view some of this author's more recent works right here on the blog. Sewing, paper craft, needlework, gardening- these are only some of this author's numerous hobbies. Some are better than others but all are vital to this author's mental health. Writing is wonderful but so little as yet unpublished writer's life has to do with actual writing. Most of this author's writing time is taken up with becoming a better writer (and fixing the numerous N00b mistakes endemic to KMS KMS is marinating for the foreseeable future). It's hard to tell if it's working. One knows right away if a craft project has gone wonky.