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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missed Opportunities are Still Opportunities- For Someone Else

Heya Blogfans,

It has been a crazy week here at Hubris House. I know, that's like saying "oh the sun is bright" or "snow is cold."

News on the freelance front? Mais ouis! Not really great news but news nonetheless. 

Although it will be published, I still haven't been paid for the magazine article submitted in August. That's fairly troublesome since I already spent some of the money (on seriously fabulous shoes- they were on sale). No clue why they are so slow to pay- they sure were uptight about my deadline (submitted the piece 1 day early so WTF?) but they don't seem to be unduly concerned about paying me in a timely manner. Talking to  other freelancers has been educational- apparently paying writers is anathema to some clients. Weird, I know but the writing world is a weird place

Also missed a chance to be on NPR. I made a comment on one of their FB posts and they sent an email asking me to read my comment >on air< that wasn't received by my subtle self until the day after they wanted to do interviews. That was a tad heartbreaking actually- it was a pretty good comment and think of the dork cred of being on NPR! *That* was a missed opportunity for sure although really I don't know what I could have done differently- it's not like I knew they sent me a message since I wasn't notified that I even had a message (argh FB, argh!)  So frustrating. When I screw up I like to be a little more involved in the process.

Not that I'm giving up on the freelance thing (or NPR- I *will* be on there someday hopefully being interviewed by Terry Gross or Ira Glass). Maybe I'm screwing up- there is a pretty significant learning curve- but at least I'm seeing some of my work in print. Sometimes I get paid too which is nice. The paper always pays me in a timely fashion (thank you!) and I don't get rewritten much so that's cool. See it isn't all bad. 

As for fiction writing (my main goal- it's hard to remember sometimes) it is actually going pretty well. I'm not sure if it's the confidence I've gained form seeing my work in print or the fact that I have to challenge myself by constantly writing to requirement but whatever it is it's working. Happy face.

Whew. So that's what's happening here at Hubris House. 

Until next time,

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