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Friday, May 20, 2011

One Such As I

Heya blogfans,

How have you been? I have neglected the blog although I have something of an excuse- Blogger was down last week- but I didn't have a post ready anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, deep in the throes of writing angst, I applied for a job and made it to the second round of the interview process. Then I made it to the third round and maybe I'll make the final elimination. It's an entryish level job at a newspaper and I really liked the people who run it. The job is also part time so I'll be able to keep working on the book. Oh, and this blog. Who am I kidding? I'd keep doing that stuff if I worked 60 hours a week.

Eh,I know, I'm not writing much now, in fact writing hasn't been happening at all here- not for me anyway. I've been reevaluating life and what this whole writing thing means to me and stuff like that. 

Going off genre for the present WIP was good in some ways and very bad in others. I know that this book is what is in me to write *but* it isn't much fun. It's the soy milk and tofu book where KMS was pure comfort food. One should not live on comfort food but lord, one such as I shouldn't have to live on soy milk and tofu either. 

Today, at the very last minute, I prepared old (well newly revised but I hope you know what I mean) KMS for Killer Nashville. It was a little weird to reenter a contest I lost roundly last year but the book is so much better than it was then. I was actually really impressed by the first 50 pages if I do say so myself. Dang. I haven't looked at it for months and reading with fresh eyes has helped me regain the faith that once came so easily. I'm not a bad writer, my book isn't bad and gosh darn it I'll find a way to get it published. I'm not dumb enough to think I have a shot at winning that awesome dagger but I would regret not trying. Being in the game is worth $35, this time,  but this is my last paid contest ever. It's a waste of money- it really is. I can't deal with the stress of paying to lose. It adds a certain element of foolishness to the whole process. I know, contests are expensive to administer. I'm not denigrating small fee contests in general- they are just not for me anymore.

Oh well. That's what happening here at Hubris House. Have a wonderful week and keep your fingers crossed for me. I really would like to win for a change :-)


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