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Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspiration Waits For No Dog

Hi howdy blogfans.

Life at Hubris house has been somewhat eh lately so this post will be short.

What's up with your old pal S.H.? My brain is a tangled mass of unwritten stories. It's kind of horrible. Sleep isn't at all restful because the stories I don't tell during the day (yeah, I'm still not writing) haunt me at night. They're fascinating- don't get me wrong- but boy are they distracting. 

The dreams are pure inspiration leaking away. They're a message to get the heck to work and stop wasting time with silly things.

Oh, that reminds me. 

Subtle Hubris (this blog anyway) is going on hiatus for a while. Probably only for a couple of weeks. The Hubris family is heading back to the motherland and the stress of the trip and etc. is going to make writing anything you'd want to read (well, I'd want to write- which is entirely different I know) prohibitive. We won't be away for long but I expect my state of mind to be, um, not condusive to creativity, for at least a week or two before we leave and possibly a week or two after. The month of June is pretty much shot. We haven't been home (as a family- NSSH and I have been home a couple of times while the other stayed with the kids) to really visit for at least three years so it will be a tad overwhelming. The last time I was home was horrible- my mom was undergoing chemo, my aunt was having serious brain surgery (to be fair this didn't involve me at all but I was really worried), my favorite cousin was having a baby- I dunno it was just stressful. And hot. The baby was nice- that was best part of the trip. My cousin did a bang up job making that kid and I can't wait to see her again. And I was able to meet my baby nephew but couldn't spend much time with him. Hopefully I'll be able to get to know him this trip.

So have a wonderful couple/few weeks. I look forward to recounting our many adventures after they have been lived, then comfortably edited. 


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