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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Which The Author Loses all Sense Of Perspective

Hiya Blogfan.

Yes, I know. Usually the greeting is plural but it's just easier to relate to an individual. So, hey- how was your week? 

While I'm asking questions let's talk about the one thing I know we have in common- this blog. What do you want to read about? Are you an author waiting for me to mention your book? An interested reader or fellow unpublished sufferer? A knitting fan? 

I detest a blank page (but am compulsive about deadlines- especially the self imposed kind) so the blog just gets filled up with whatever I'm willing to share with, potentially, the world. I'm not all that interesting- give me something else to discuss. Otherwise the blog may delve into issues (like oppressive, local government sanctioned, chicken haters) and I hesitate to go there unless all other avenues have been explored. I can feel another alphabetic alliterative post coming on- let's diffuse that situation shall we?

Failing other suggestions this post is just going to deal with whatever's going on here at Hubris House. Brace yourself- it's not exactly riveting.

We survived a massive storm this week. Hubris House was without electricity for 13 hours but that was the worst of the damage- oh except I stepped on my glasses in the dark and now they sit funny. It's a little annoying but I'll take crooked glasses over a tree through the house any day.

An agent asked to read my full MS- she said she was (and I quote)  "loving the book so far." That's good news. She's a real honest to Dog agent too- one of my top choices. I was thinking about sending KMS to an e-publisher but I'll hang loose until this agent turns me down. No word on the short story contest but we can guess the result. Do you know this particular literary magazine receives 40,000  submissions annually but can only publish 40 stories a year? Crazy! I'm not foolish enough to believe I'm good enough (yet) to beat the odds- well okay I am that foolish- but cut me some slack when I lose. The results will be posted April 30. 

Working in the garden has taken up a fair bit of time. Although wasted a fair bit of time is more like it. We've had super extreme weather lately- 80 degrees and dry for a few days then frost for a few more then back up to hot again. The bazillion strawberry roots we planted seem to be mostly dead where they looked mostly alive a couple of weeks ago. At this point it seems likely that we'll only have a quarter of a bazillion strawberry plants. A trip to the garden center may be in order because we need at least half a bazillion strawberries for jam and strawberry rhubarb pie. 

And that's about it. If you're a friend on facebook please feel free to send a personal message with blog ideas (or anyone may comment on this post.) Authors: I'd be happy to talk about your book but I'm a little shy about it without permission. If I am your friend on FB I do read (or have read) your books. The list, Current Reading, only holds so many titles at a time so you may not see yourself up there but, rest assured, are still read. I promise to be respectful and honest. I'll probably review a couple of books just anyway since I can't seem to help it. Sadly I'm beginning to understand how much even the smallest amount of publicity means to a writer.  

And that's about it here at Hubris House this week. Have a wonderful week and please do let me know what you'd like to see in the blog. What the heck do you have to lose? You may gain a little free entertainment (or publicity if you're an author) who could turn down that deal? Not you, surely ;-)


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