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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Second Mouse

Hi Blogfans!

Spring is very much in evidence here at Hubris House. The yard needs attention, the fruit trees need attention, the herb garden needs attention and the vegetable garden needs to be recreated in a more hospitable place. We have had a great deal of rain so finding a day when the ground is dry enough to work has been problematic. I'm looking forward to digging in the dirt whenever I get the chance.

On the plus side- the migrating flocks of birds are making their way across our ridge and the outdoors looks and sounds very much like a wild bird habitat (which I guess it is.) One can (and *this* one has) lose an entire day just watching all the different birds.

 Was that all boring enough? NSAA thinks my blog is unimaginably boring. So boring that he can't even use a better word to describe it. Oh if only I could be as fascinating as a 13 year old boy- NOT.

He's probably right though. Sigh.

Oh- the second mouse bit. So birds have been a pretty big topic of conversation around here since they are so strongly in evidence. The other day I  pointed at a bird eating something wiggly and said something like: 

"Huh that must be the early bird (you know the one who catches the worm) I wonder what the second bird gets"

"The leaf with bug eggs on it?" offered SSH. 

And NSAA said "the early bird catches the worm but the second bird gets the cheese."

"Um What?" I asked

Then he explained that the second mouse gets the cheese and the first mouse gets caught in the mousetrap (which works if you use the old fashioned spring mousetraps- I'm not so sure about the glue kind) so maybe the second bird does too. He was just being a goofball but I thought about it a little bit and  you know that's a good way to think about not being first. It's a little cynical but I'm aware that I get rather focused on coming in first in things. It's worth considering that maybe some of those contests are a little bit of a trap for the winner. Maybe being first isn't always best?

If I won the MWA contest (which I certainly did not) I may have to write mysteries forever. What if I don't want to write mysteries for the rest of my life? Maybe I'm meant to be a different kind of writer? Or a really devoted secretary? Or a cashier at Wal Mart? Phew it's a lucky thing that I didn't even *place* in the contest. Whew! That was a close one. 

It is sort of stretching an analogy isn't it? But a great blog title- well better than any other title I could come up with today anyhow. Oh maybe I'll call my WIP something like "The Second Mouse" Hm, I wonder if that fits the story- I think it may. And *that* is why I keep writing the blog lol. Boring it may be but It's a good way to talk to myself (and a few devoted readers) and feel like I'm working. Oh, and other writers? I call dibs on the title. 

So I guess I'll be gardening this week. With luck I'll also be writing something worthwhile. Maybe I should polish my resume a little. How does one make 16 years as a housewife look like some kind of job experience? Maybe I should add "works really hard for little recognition and no money" or "Is used to being the boss but will work really hard for little pay and will try to follow directions without argument." Dang. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Have a wonderful week blogfans.


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