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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recent Revelations Regarding Writing

Heya Blogfans!

Don't worry- you're not in for another alliterative adventure- I promise. Also I'm going to keep the existential angst to a minimum which, actually, doesn't leave a lot to say.

I was going to write about the economy but that's a bummer. I thought some light amusement regarding BSH's newfound doggy talent (barking at a specific pitch from just the right distance to make my guitar strings resonate unpleasantly, and constantly, while I'm trying to work) but that really only seems to matter to me. It's awfully annoying and not at all amusing. Trust me.

 I thought maybe my recent mystery contest loss could provide some entertainment but, once again, that's only interesting to, well, me. It also falls under the deep cloudy heading of existential angst. 

I was thinking of doing another book review but the last review experience is a little too fresh.

Oh- I could write about things NOT to say to the as yet unpublished. I'm posting this as a stand alone post immediately after this.

Have a wonderful week =(^_^)=


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