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Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost Awesome Alphabetic and Alliterative Blog- Bwahaha


Against all advice to abstain, a beautiful but benign blog begged to be begat- barely beholden to convention. Curiosity compelled compilation- custom cries "damn don't disturb delicate delivery, dork!" Enough everyone, enough! Forget format folks. Free floccose flora from foliation (figuratively.) Fresh folly follows.

Great gambit or highly hirsute? I intend to inarticulately intimate intoxicating intimate innuendos involving insurrection. Just joking- keen kids know kinship, karma & love (largely low-key) luxuriate (mostly myopically) in my microclimate. Marvel? Modestly must murmur "no". Nothing near. Only practicing personal perspicuity - partly procrastination- probably a passing phase. Queer? Queue quickly and quibble. Really reaching- sure. Suck sour sumac, sourpuss! Try typing this urself varlet! Varying words wiggle and won't work. Worrying...Xenogenesis yes! Yahoo yon zealot & zounds. A blog completed.


P.S. A  'normal' blog will appear as scheduled on Wednesday.

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