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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Do You Call Home When You Are Yourself?

Hey Howdy blogfans!

Happy Valentine's day (late) I hope you had a better day that I. NSSH and I celebrated the holiday on Saturday (and it was wonderful) but Monday was just awful. Agent rejections, illness, one crisis to be dealt with after another. That's life though- at least life around here.

My parents weren't thrilled when I told them I insulted a very famous author on this small, but obviously public, blog. I should probably consider a pen name for my books (I already have one here but 99% of you know me from FB) because if they are bothered by that (and I apologized to the man and feel really, really bad still which bothers me no end. I'll never be truly badass I guess) they are going to hate what may come out in my books. Not that I mind really since I write FICTION (well not in the blog but, you know, usually) But, not actually being badass, it does bother me that they'd be upset. Dang. Maybe I'll grow out of it. NSSH and the kids found the whole incident amusing since they know me much better than my parents do. I think they're just happy it was a stranger instead of the school principal or obnoxious family member or someone like that. I become unforgivably honest when provoked. It's a really horrible personality trait. I'm not perfect.


I started the new book (the only potentially good thing to come out of Monday actually). Instead of finishing an already outlined novel (I have 6 in line just waiting to be completed- the vampire roller derby book has to wait until I've sold something else for reasons that will be obvious if it ever gets published lol) I wrote what was in me to write. We'll see if it has enough whatever to get past page 20. I find that it's easy to get a new idea to page 20 but pages 21-30 can be problematic. This time I'm writing the best book I can without regard to market or shelf placement or genre guidelines. Selling out (to the extent that an unsold something may be considered selling out) hasn't really worked for me so far. Maybe having a more refined sense of artistic integrity will? If I start talking like I'm the next great Dog of literature then you know I've gone to the dark side and will have to change my name to Massive Hubris. Probably I'll have to completely change my whole life too. Let's hope this never happens.

Sad news- I should have heard about winning the MWA contest by now, I'm fairly certain anyway, and I haven't, so I guess we can call that another learning experience (trying to avoid the word "failure" here.) I'm actually afraid to enter my short story in the contest for which I have prepared so strenuously. I did my very best work with that story. It was challenging and so different from this blog and KMS...

I'm actually starting to miss the law office. I can tell because it keeps coming up in things I write. Maybe I'll take the LSATS next time the test rolls around? I'll still get to write even if it's only legal type writing. 

Why Law? My favorite places are courthouses and libraries followed by old university buildings and museums. I don't know why I like this sort of thing (well the libraries hold books and museums hold art so that's obvious. I guess the courthouses hold the illusion of justice and universities hold the promise of knowledge- probably four of the  most strongly held values in my life- knowledge, learning, beauty and justice {and integrity- I'd say that is my #1 value and something all of these public buildings promise with their architecture "Hey I'm here, I'm well built and sturdy. You can trust that what you get here is the real thing"} so that makes sense too. Hmmm, I never thought about that in quite that way before...) 

What kind of spaces make you feel most comfortable? I bet it says a lot about people. Hmmm. I think I need to go write now.

Have a great week :-)


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