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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Think We're Alone Now

Hey Blogfan!

Whe-eew I just love the stats feature for the blog. After a brief uptick in readership we are back to our original small group (or the same sources since I can't tell specifically who is reading the blog) with the  possible addition of  a freak reader or two from Australia (g'day mate!) I blame the latter on the fact that my son put the blog on stumbleupon using some pretty odd categories. I, honestly, am afraid to ask what they are but remain happy for the view(s)- thanks!

This week, hmmm, what happened this week? I don't have writer's block (I'm writing quite a bit actually)  but I'm having a damned difficult time being entertaining on facebook or, well, here.I'm always entertaining at Hubris House but usually I'm, you know, only entertaining myself and the dogs (who think I'm *awesome*)

I finished that short story I was talking about and had it read by one beta reader. I have it out with another but there is something sort of wrong with it and I don't know what it is. I don't feel comfortable submitting it yet. I need to let the story sit quietly for a week and then go back to it. Or maybe my reader will get back to me (you know who you are!) and give me a hint.

My mind, however, won't leave it alone. It's like when I have a sore tooth- I just can't help bugging at it all the time. It doesn't help that the story is out of my genre and the protagonist is not really at all like me (but I sure know people like her!) and it's rather more arty than usual.

On a side note- It was nice to be able to use some of the, rather arcane, vocabulary I've been storing for just such an occasion. And it was wonderful to use the knowledge gleaned from all of those "short stories in literature" and "American short story" and "art of the short story" type classes (I went through a major short story phase when I was younger and it coincided with an incredible English department at the college I was fortunate enough to attend at the time) to write my own story. I played off the conventions to create another element to the reading experience then discovered that my beta readers aren't as familiar with the short story as I had hoped. Dang. 

It sucks when one is clever and nobody notices.

Well, I should know within the next two months whether I won that huge contest or not. I know I said I wouldn't even hope for winning but I can't help it. I always think I have a chance- that's what keeps me going. I know I'll probably be disappointed but that "probably" contains hope that possibly I will not. It seems likely that I'm focusing on the contest to avoid thinking about sending out more queries and revising the short story.

And that's the news. Thank you for checking in every week. I can't tell you how much it means to know that somebody is reading something I write (even if it is majorly egocentric and not especially entertaining.) and maybe, might, look forward to my musings.

Until next week,

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