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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unavoidable Delays Are Seldom Avoidable

Hey Blogfans!

It's great to be back with you all. I apologize for last week's absent post and this week's lateish post. To make up for it all I'll update my reading list and post pictures of hats. I am so sorry about the delay. 

Last week was fairly normal in the beginning then it went downhill very quickly. NSSH and I had to do some home improvement type projects in time for Tuesday- it took forever. Meanwhile everyone in the  Hubris household came down with an insidious virus but, inconveniently, one after another not all at the same time. It's been quite a bit of work for my humble self. I also had two writing  assignments due- neither of which were completed.  One is due tomorrow so guess what I'm doing later? Oh and we're experiencing an ice storm and the power is iffy.

Wheew I'm done complaining.

I should probably explain the writing assignment thing. Do you remember when I said I would be doing a guest blog? Well I finally had an idea that was relevant to the blogger. She also earns her living doing internet writing and she knew a guy who was looking for writers. I passed his initial writing test and was given a test assignment. It was basically a 400 word term paper. Apparently I am not cut out for this kind of work.

The research was supposed to take 30 minutes and the writing was nothing (I agree with that- it takes me very little time to write 400 words as long as I'm not too picky) the pay was scary low (as in how many fingers do you have on one hand?) and is only profitable if you spend little time researching. 

Yeah. I can lose a day researching the correct colors for a roller derby team in Wisconsin (yes for Chad and I ended up not using it anyway) because I hate writing things that are not correct. Once I represented something as fact in a term paper (for human resource management of all things)  that I only had two, somewhat questionable, sources for and it still bothers me. Anyway this turned out not to be the job for me. I would have made something like 30 cents an hour and I could actually feel my soul dying as I wrote. 

So I've failed at another job. It would have taken over my life though and I am meant for different things. I'm sure I'm meant to be a professional writer- just maybe not a professional SEO internet writer. I learned about a whole segment of the writing world that was completely under my radar- writing fodder anyone? And I met some cool people. That's always a good thing. 

And I have to write that blog post now since I already let the blogger down this week. D'oh.

So my subtle friends- until next time (may it be soon.)




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