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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's In The Cards

Hiya Blogfans! It's great to be back. The first bit is about writing- you may want to skip to the bottom if you're tired of my artistic existential  angst. I'm kind of sick of it myself but it kind of goes with the whole writing thing for me. Weird but true.

I took a good ten day break from facebook. I'm surprised at how much I did not miss it. I think one achieves a certain number of friends and family members where it becomes impossible to say anything without real world implications. Well, when one is as subtle as I, it's inevitable and greater numbers only increase the chances of placing my foot squarely in my mouth.

It's been a fairly dynamic week or two writing-wise. 

Here's what I've learned: So KMS was a nice book. Sure, a few people had to die but they mostly deserved it and it ended well all considering. I loved writing that book because I was able to create a lovely world. I'm sure I'll be able to sell it someday when new mystery novels are novels again and not recipe books with extra words. 

I am done searching for agents. I know I don't mention specific agents here but I want to shout out to one truly professional lady.

Lora Rivera is the most gracious agent I have encountered. She gave some feedback on my query letter (positive) and encouraged me to keep submitting the book and writing- but in a real way not a form letter way- (I belong to and authors give reviews of agents throughout the query process so you can see what is a form rejection and what is a useful rejection) so that actually felt pretty good even though she didn't want to read KMS.

It  would be wonderful if all agents took the time to send a thoughtful reply- especially those agents that request all sorts of outre crap that takes hours to compile correctly. The more demanding agents sometimes have a no reply if not interested policy. I'm sorry, it's just rude. If an author works to give you exactly what you want a "not for me thanks" gives some closure and shows a little respect at least. I can see ignoring lazy authors but really. Yeesh people.

Anyway, I'm working on a very different short story. It's not nice and happy. It involves, just a little bit, the many world theory (well actually it's a postulate whateverthatmeans) of quantum mechanics. And a very doomed woman. And a gynecologist. It's disturbingly easy to write (although the quantum theory stuff is a little beyond me- I really wanted to deal with Schrodinger's cat exclusively but, well, it got a little more involved than I had intended.)

I think I have a (possibly very) dark side straining to express itself. Who knew? I can't even watch autopsy scenes on NCIS- forget horror movies. NSAA and I were terrified when we saw the last Harry Potter movie.

Maybe the story will turn out badly but it is so, well, freeing to write just to try to challenge myself and improve. I don't know that anyone will read it and that's nice too although my ultimate goal is to have a wider impact  with my "work".

So NSAA Hubris found my old Russian Tarot cards (they belonged to my grandfather) and read the cards for me re: selling KMS. Since the instruction manual was in Engrish some creative interpretation was necessary but the jist went something like this:
I wrote the book to alleviate poverty (true)
I had a tumultuous past (true)
A bunch of other stuff I'm not going to tell you and
Yes I will sell KMS if I don't give up. Apparently I am my own worst enemy. Huh. Go figure,

I checked the interpretation in the little book and I think he nailed it.

How cool is that? We got a little freaked out and decided to put the cards away. We're not superstitious but, you know, why take chances? We're big sci fi/ fantasy readers here (well NSAA and SSH read more of that than I but still) so it's easy for us to believe just about anything if it's cool enough. Or scary.

And that's about it. I still haven't taken photos of the hats. I'm working on one for NSSH and his head is enormous. It's taking forever but I'm almost done. I bought batteries for the camera so maybe I'll have photos by the end of the week or the beginning of next. I think I nailed the Latvian mitten feeling and, unlike my writing, my skill level has improved enough so I rarely screw up while I'm reading the pattern. Of course it helps that I made the pattern so there is some room for flexibility there. Before you think I'm getting big headed myself- I did make a hat for NSSH on needles that were so small that it turned out to be a hat for my one year old nephew- d'oh. It's awfully cute so that's good. I think there may be some kind of lesson here but I'll let you figure it out.

Anyway I hope you have a wonderful week. I look forward to blogging at you next week. Be safe and and as happy as you can manage.

Until next time,

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