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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Chatty Message From Home

Hi Blogfans! It's been a while- I've missed you.

The Hubris family has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. The kids have been on vacation since the 17th and, so far, we've made a dystopic gingerbread house (including zombie gingerbread men menacing cute wee guinea pigs.) We've eaten so much food it's not funny. We built a lenticular puzzle (amazingly difficult for something bearing the oh-so-pink visage of Hello Kitty.) We constructed a massive 2182 piece Lego Grand Emporium (that was incredibly fun and, I'm sure you're wondering, it took 11 hours. We built together and in shifts.) We painted the hallway, priced out kitchen cabinets (the Hubris family is not going to replace our circa 1970 kitchen any time soon) and I don't remember what else... It's been a busy couple of weeks and we still have five days of vacation left. I think we're heading to Dollywood one of these remaining days and I believe we're also replacing the sliding glass door in the dining room. And we'll ring in the new year like we always do- (with pork roast, sauerkraut and hot dogs served from the slow cooker from new year's eve through new year's day) alone. 

As far as writing goes? I blew off that guest blog thing again. I had a great idea while we were building the Lego house then forgot it when I had time to write it down. In my defense It's difficult to think of something family oriented to write that isn't about my unusual (but fabulous) family. I'm sure I can think of something. She wants photos and I have a real thing against posting photos in my blog (have you noticed?)  and of my humble self. Besides the fact that I don't photograph well (I have this 6th sense about cameras pointed in my direction and stiffen up as soon as the shutter snaps) I'm also a very private person if you can believe it. I don't mind sharing with you but her readership is more broad (my lifetime hit stats = her daily hit stats O_o) and it freaks me out a little.


Here are my plans for the next couple of months: This February I'm starting (well finishing- it's all outlined and plotted and all) the next novel. Until then I'm finishing a couple short stories and sending them out. By March I'll know the fate of KMS (well, I think I know it now but miracles do happen) and I'll put it away for a while and think about what to do. I'd like to make enough money to attend the Malice Domestic convention in April/May. My uber wonderful cousin has offered to put me up so I don't have to pay for a hotel- he even offered to drive me to and from the conference. I love that guy! They offer a grant (which includes the cost of the conference) but I missed the application deadline D'oh. It's about $300 (not including airfare)- I can probably swing it.

And that's life here at Hubris House. 

Until next time blogfans and, if I don't talk to you before then, happy New Year!



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