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Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's Always A Morning After

Heya Blogfans.

Query letters are out and waiting. After Thanksgiving I'll send out another batch and then KMS is in a holding pattern for a while. 

Whew, I was in a vile mood this week. Which was not such a bad thing for Hubris House since I did some chores that I've been putting off. It wasn't a great thing for the people in Hubris House but hey- they're tough and very good at tuning me out.

So, KMS is, effectively, in a coma. I'll keep it on life support but it's time to call in hospice and make my peace with its demise. I think we're both ready for it to ascend to the great slushpile in the sky. It was a good book. It was fun to write. It was a vital steppingstone on the path to my life's work. And now it's on its way out. Or ready for a miracle- some kind and insightful agent to breathe new life into it. It is (sort of) the season for miracles...

Next week is a vacation week for NSSH.  What does this mean to you blogfans? No post next week.   

I will be posting new hat photos later on this week though {um as of Nov. 22 this has not happened- sorry}. Hubris house has very bad camera karma and it has been difficult to actually keep our camera working long enough to take photos.

So until the week after next- I wish you the best of everything.


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