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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Unprofessional To Work For Free.

Hey Blogfans,

Ouch, it's a fairly bleak day here at Hubris House. It's cold and wet and a tad gloomy. And I've been editing. And I am four days late on my (self imposed) deadline to get KMS to the MWA contest. 

So I've been looking for work. Yeah. In one way it's fun to think of the possibilities offered by these few listed jobs. In another way it's rather depressing to know that I will be passed over for even the most humble job because I have too much education and too little experience. If I lived back in the motherland I'd be all set because I know people there but here I'm just a silly old unconnected Yankee housewife.

Now, that's enough of that. Angst, and even ennui, is part and parcel of the writing process. Let's face it- we writers have to deal with an artistic temperament and  an intense amount of rejection. If one is not a total prat this takes a toll.

So I've been knitting Latvian inspired things. Which makes me happy. Except using yarn means I must buy yarn. And very involved projects require a good quality yarn which requires money. You probably see where this is headed.

On the positive side of things- please note the new glossary. It's informative and, I hope, amusing. I had fun writing it anyway. Thank you to Adam for suggesting it. The glossary may be found as a "page" at the top of the blog. If you have any suggestions for the glossary please feel free to let me know and I'll address them.

BSH was sprayed by a skunk this week. That was interesting. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this you may be pleased to learn that a vinegar/water bath followed by a gentle detergent (Dawn was suggested to me and it worked well) and a very good rinse works wonders. I was worried that this would harm the dog's skin but BSH isn't having any trouble. Except she despises the smell of vinegar and rolled herself all over the yard. She hit a poop pile or two but at least she doesn't smell like skunk anymore.

And, my darling blogfans, that's it for this week. I have to get back to editing because tomorrow the MS *must* be mailed and I have 90 pages left to correct (yet afreakinggain.) Next week's blog should be more entertaining and, as I mentioned previously, please check out the glossary.

Have a wonderful week!



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