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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am Writer Hear Me Whine

Hey loyal Blogfans.

Remember the hopefulness of last week? That's what I would call fey  (at least with regard to KMS)

Unsolicited submissions are so much more useless than I remembered. I haven't had much feedback either- which sucks big time. At least a "not for me thanks" tells me that the agent received my query and found it (or me) wanting.

I did hear from one agent. She said I should read her blog to learn how to write a query letter. That was pretty insulting but when I reread what I sent I realized I left the "hook" sentence out. D'oh. I know I should hate the message not the messenger but I admit to a severe dislike of the way that particular message was delivered and the person who so bitchily delivered it. Bah.

So, remember the definition of insanity? This round of queries is pushing the "trying the same thing and expecting a different result" thing. Yeah I changed the book and the letter but I think I should change the process.

Maybe I'll try selling short stories. I'll definetly try to save up enough money to go to a convention or two. I'm not doing this slush pile crap again. It's for the birds. The really dumb birds who smack into my windows all the time.

I'm not ready for a new plan though. I need to exhaust this avenue. I'm about halfway though my list. When I'm done I'll post my query letter then you all can see what doesn't work. Maybe it will help you to write a better letter?

I'll probably post the first chapter of the book when I'm done too since KMS is looking pretty much like it's DOA. Maybe you guys will like to read it- I can do a chapter a week or something. I have to wait until April to post it since I agreed not to when I entered the MWA contest. I'll check the copyright laws too.


I'll probably write another post later this week. I am feeling exceptionally boring and unloved at the moment and that makes for bad blogging. I don't know. If this round of queries continues on the way it's going I'm running away to join Beck wherever he is.

Until next time.
Your Humble Blogger,

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  1. Adam, Katie and any other concerned blogfans-

    It really is okay that one person didn't like my query letter and wasn't nice about it. It bothered me a lot this morning but I used that negative feedback to make my letter better. I made a n00b mistake (I even knew better) and was called on it. It didn't feel good but that's life.

    My letter isn't really bad- honestly it is fine now (I'm pretty sure anyway)I guess I'll know more when I get a few more responses.

    Also, let's face it, agents are busy people and it takes time to go through all those queries. And, awesome though I may be, not every agent is going to love me. In fact I only need one agent. Just one. One who understands that I will work my butt off to put out a book that makes us all proud.

    Last time I got a lot of instant rejection (and one or two- "wonderful query letter" but y'know the book wasn't ready so that went nowhere. This time maybe it will be different.

    And if it isn't then you guys get to read the book gratis. How cool is that?

    It really is okay. I promise :-) Let me be a little emo today so I can get over this book and move on to the next thing.