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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ewe Need To Be Ewenique In This Business? Baaa.

Hey Blogfans! It's great to be able to post today.

For those who were concerned- your friend S.H. made it though surgery without any problems. I'm up and about as much as is prudent. The surgery was not a big deal- whew.

Now, I have some good news. I was asked to be a guest blogger on a fantastic parenting blog. More details will follow. I may feel fine but my brain is still somewhat foggy from the anesthesia so no real writing today (as you can probably tell already lol.) I'll let you all know when and where you can find my post. And yes Adam and Katie, we'll be famous :-)

I've received a bit of feedback on KMS from one of my most trusted readers so, with luck, I'll have garnered enough feedback to polish the book before I have to send it to the MWA contest and agents (Nov 1 or thereabout.) Someday I will sell this book even if it bears little to no resemblance to the original.

I reread the rules for the MWA contest. They're looking for originality. Dang. I'm not sure how original KMS actually is. I don't have any exotic characters or settings. The plot is nothing like anything I've ever read (and I think I could count as a cozy mystery expert) but it's not exactly fabulous. It certainly follows the conventions of the genre. I mean there are clues, and red herrings and dead people and a detective by happenstance and some clueless cops (because why else would one need an amateur detective?) I think I was able to cut down on the boring and add suspense. I don't know since I have lost any objectivity I could ever have had with the book since I've read it a documented 77 times and, you know, wrote it. 

Okay, when in doubt, go to the dictionary ( originality: (1) the quality or state of being original {whatever}. (2) ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability {I've got that nailed} (3) freshness or novelty, as of an idea, method or performance {see this is where I'm worried as the book is anything but fresh to me at this point}

On the knitting front (my current non writing obsession)- hats. Lots of hats (made of wool thus the ewe themed title of this blog.) I'll take pictures and add them to the blog later this week. I really want to work up a Latvian inspired hat design (still totally obsessed) but I have to finish a couple of projects first. Grr. I need to start selling stuff. Anyone want to buy a hat or a teddy bear? I could make a teddy bear with a hat or a scarf or both. I take special orders... 

I'm going to try to finish that short story I've been working on by the end of next week. It's so much more difficult to write a short mystery story- I like the challenge but I'm not sure if it'll turn out the way I want it to... We'll see. If I can't sell it I'll post it on the blog.

Until next week my friends. 

Your Subtly Hubristic Servant,

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