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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Out There

First things first. I am sorry that no new content was added last week- I spent the whole week cleaning in preparation for guests from outer space (well, Germany- close enough.) To make everything more fun, over the long weekend the entire Hubris family drove hundreds of miles to visit NSSH's  family. The least said about that the better.

So here I am, battered, beaten and uninspired. I'm seriously considering a life as a hermit (hermitages tend to be cute, hard to find and too uncomfortable for all but the most intrepid visitors.)  

The past week was pretty uneventful KMS wise. I screwed up the subject line in a no hope query and had to resubmit. That was the sum total of my contact with agents.

I still have four queries hanging out in the Limberlost, four rejections, one snail mail query to send, and a full MS on an exclusive (I don't know if we went over that but it just means that I can't submit my book to anyone until the publisher rejects me- this exclusive was for a month so I've got about 10 days left.)  This week I'll send out ten more queries (avoiding publishers until my exclusive is over.) I changed the query letter a little- we'll see if that does anything.

As I was riding in my, very small and uncomfortable, car it did occur to me that I would probably have more luck with agent queries if I didn't send them to the top agents for my genre. I could try less prestigious agents but  what the heck- if I don't aim high then what's the point of aiming at all? I do submit to non genre agents if I really, really like his/her blog, website or general personality. They reject me too- just a little more slowly.

Well, that's it for today. I'd rather have dozens of rejections in my inbox than spend another week like this past week. It wasn't a total waste- I did get to read quite a bit,  I'm almost done with my latest epic knitting project, I got to hang out with NSSH & co. and I have lots and lots of fodder for the murder mystery mill. Let's leave it there and hope that this week is better.



  1. Hiya, Adam's too shy to comment but he's interested in seeing the epic knitting project, and he really hopes you get accepted by an agent or a publisher soon, and also that Lost Cause isn't even the most emoy-sulky-wallowy one or something, and that he'd buy your book definitely.

  2. Why, thank you Adam via Katie. I will post a photo of my epic knitting project when it is finally finished. I'm glad you enjoy the blog- sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself (um, I may do that anyway.)