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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe I Won't Become A Full Time Beck Fangirl Just Yet

This post is sort of an add on to yesterday's post (If I have To Be Some Kind Of A Moron I Choose To Be An Oxymoron)

Monday and Tuesday were pretty depressing what with all the rejection (ok only three rejections but still) so I started to rework plan B and added a plan C to my 5 year "publish or get off the word processor" plan. Plan B is boring- rework query letter, take up drinking etc.

Plan C was fueled purely by the songs "Lost Cause" by Beck and "Downbound Train" by Bruce Springsteen. It involved giving up the whole writing thing and following Beck (does he even tour?)  While I was feeling all emo it seemed like a pretty good idea but then I pictured myself as a fangirl- middle aged middle class me- and started laughing. I can't work up a good sulk to save my life- how much does that suck? Maybe that's a good plan B1/2- become a better sulker.

So I decided to do something constructive since sulking wasn't getting me anywhere. I picked another agent out of the basket and submited another query; one agent's- very involved and picky- query kept kicking back as undeliverable and I didn't feel like sending a paper query per her request. 

Anyway, the agent I decided to query had a terrific blog (>hint< always read the agent's blog- they tell you straight out what they want and what pisses them off and you probably shouldn't piss them off at this stage. They hold all the cards and you're *submitting* to them) where she kept a weekly running tab of queries and requested materials. She often had as many as 200 queries and asked for maybe one partial manuscript a week. Sometimes she asked for a full, sometimes she didn't ask for any. It was humbling, I'll clue you. But it also made me feel a lot better.

In a happier state of mind I went about my daily duties and did a quick email check before heading out on another odious errand. What do you know- the one actual publishing house I queried asked me to submit a full manuscript! {picture a really, really happy dance here} I also had a confirmation letter from Killer Nashville so I know for sure KMS made it safely to the judges. w00t!

I was (am) thrilled to death to hear from the publishing house. I've read many of their books and never thought they'd even look at KMS. How freaking cool is that?

Even though my hubris level is in a deep trough and I'm fairly certain KMS won't pass muster (I'm willing to rewrite as much as they want me to in case anyone is wondering) I feel pretty good.If nothing else, It seems possible that my query letter doesn't suck. That's a huge relief in and of itself. I spent an inordinate amount of time writing the hook and one paragraph synopsis- required by every agent and editor- and I dreaded having to rewrite it.

I'm not ruling out the Beck fangirl thing but I think I can safely put it on hold for now. Whoohoo! I have a manuscript to reformat! 


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